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Everything Jungle is a jungle design online store offering clothing, homewares, jewellery, accessories, pet fashion and much more.  This is our jungle designs cushion collection. Scroll down for cushion decorating tips.

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How to decorate with cushions


  • Decide on your colour scheme.

  • The quantity of pillows you add should be determined by the room's design.

  • Cushion sizes and shapes should be varied.

  • Play around with various textures.

  • To create a mood in your space, style your cushions.

  • With each season, switch out your cushions.

Choose your colour scheme.

Identifying the colour of pillows you want is the first step. Consider the soft furnishings, wall art, drapes, and other existing accessories in the space where you will be placing the cushions.
To create your colour palette, you must choose two to three central colours for your space.
When purchasing scatter pillows online, you must bear this in mind. To keep this central motif consistent, they only need to contain one of these colours someplace. You might have one or two solid colours and a few designs with your colours. But remember that some colours will clash.

Let the design of the space determine how many cushions you add.

Stick with an even number of scatter pillows if you want to achieve a more classic design. Choosing two complementary solid square colours and placing one in each corner of your sofa is one of the best methods to accomplish this. Then, put two smaller, coordinated-pattern cushions in front of the other two.


Choose an odd number if your room has a more contemporary or eclectic design. If you stick to your colour scheme, you can choose five different scatter pillows for a three-seat sofa.

Vary your cushions' sizes and shapes.

Are you unsure how to decorate the pillows on your couch or bed? People frequently believe that their collection should be uniform in size and shape. However, some of the best arrangements incorporate various combinations of these.


The 2-1-2 is one of our favourite scatter-cushion configurations. Select two larger scatter pillows in a solid colour that blends the various tones in your area.


Then choose a few slightly smaller ones to sit in front of them with distinct designs but similar colour schemes. A tiny cushion in the middle that is rectangular and has a pattern in the same colours as your two solids will complete your arrangement.

Play around with various textures.

Although there are various methods to decorate with cushions, using texture is one of the best options. Using the same material for all of the designs in your arrangement can seem monotonous and stale. To emphasise the individuality of each of your cushions, you can add various fabrics and materials to the mix to provide a rich textural effect.


You can make this as straightforward or as complex as you wish. On the one hand, you can mix various visually appealing textures, such as cosy knits, soft natural linens, fluffy faux furs, and lovely velvet cushion designs. 

To create a mood in your space, style your cushions.

Please take a close look at your space before choosing to scatter pillows because they can utterly transform a place. For instance, a vibrant pop of colour, like some pink cushions, can give excellent contrast to an otherwise gloomy design and turn a once-gloomy room into its focal point.


Bold prints and patterns completely take over and change the look of a space. Avoid adding patterns or colours to an already vibrant area since the effect could be overwhelming.


Darker scatter cushion designs will decrease the room and make it feel cosier if you have a large, light area. Match these to your curtains to give the impression that the space is smaller and cosier. Deep red, maroon, plum, or navy colours are great choices here.

Adjust your cushions according to the season.

There are numerous opportunities to update your space as the seasons change. Changing the style of your cushions to reflect the seasons is one of the simplest ways to alter the appearance of your room. Brilliant colours like yellow, orange and bright green are appropriate for spring and summer. Florals and botanicals are a great option during these seasons since you can capture the vibrant colours and intensity of the moment.


Darker, earthier colours like maroon, navy and dark green are appropriate for autumn and winter. Utilize larger sizes, chunkier textures, and cosy accents like throw blankets to complement what's going on outside during these chilly months. So get outside and explore what ideas the environment's current natural beauty might give you.

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