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Poison Frog


Some of the most unusual and fascinating species in the world call the jungle home because of the lush vegetation and plentiful water sources. The jungle is packed with creatures, from primates and cats to interesting reptiles and ludicrous birds.

This region, which stretches from Mexico to Panama, is home to some of the brightest-coloured, best-recorded, and even deadliest, species in the entire globe.

Monkeys, butterflies, and other creatures can be found throughout South America; the Amazon jungle alone is home to over two thousand different species.

Although the African continent has a vast range of temperatures, the jungles are mostly found in the centre. They are famous for hosting many of the world's primates and host a variety of species.

This region of the planet has a tropical environment that is ideal for a variety of creatures to survive, including the jungles of Borneo, Java, and Sumatra, as well as New Zealand, Australia, and other places.

For kids, download are jungle colouring pages

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