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Bring nature into your home with our ideas on jungle designs, including tropical decor. 

Here are some quick tips regarding making a jungle-themed home. 

Utilise plants, huge leaf plants and exotic flowering plants are best suited. One of the best ways to transform your space into an urban jungle and display your plants is by adding wall shelves. Plants can be displayed on shelves made of natural wood or that blend in with the wall. Even better, you can create an area for growing plants in water-filled jars, enhancing the jungle theme and saving you money.

Using leafy and tropical designs on cushions and blankets will quickly bring the jungle into your home, especially if you have neutral walls and furniture.

Your home will look cosy and natural thanks to utilising natural materials. You can use materials made of wood like rattan, bamboo, bark, and leaves such as banana and palm. They have a distinctive appearance, and because natural materials are defined by nature, they effectively evoke a jungle-like atmosphere inside the home.

A jungle or safari bedroom is a popular option for people of all ages. Colourful critters and colourful parrots may arouse a newborn baby's curiosity.

In general, bright animal prints, regal elephants, toucans, and graceful jungle cats are attractive to older kids. Parents have a variety of alternatives when it comes to decorating a child's bedroom or nursery with a jungle theme. For older kids, there are wallpaper alternatives printed with vibrant cartoon animals, jungle patterns, or lifelike nature images.

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