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Booti Booti National Park NSW

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Booti Booti national park

Booti Booti National Park is located on an 8-kilometre peninsula that stretches between Smiths Lake and the Pacific Ocean, about 20 kilometres from Forster. This lovely region in New South Wales spans 1,566 acres of estuarine foreshore, gorgeous beaches, and lush forests. The term "butibuti," an indigenous Worimi word meaning "abundance of honey," is where the name originates.

Between Seven Mile Beach and Elizabeth Beach, a wooded trail takes you through the rainforest and to exceptional coastline views.

Swimming, picnicking, and bushwalking are great activities in Booti Booti National Park. Booti Booti National Park provides visitors with various activities thanks to its pristine beaches, clear water, and jungle bush hikes.

Bush walking Booti Booti National Park

Bush Walk in Booti Booti National Park

A round-trip is available. You can spend 2.5 hours bush walking, or you can do it in segments as I did from Elizabeth Beach to Seven Mile Beach and back. You will need some fitness to ascend the steps because the track is moderate to steep.

The rainforest is a great location to unwind because of its peaceful energy. You can see stunning coastal views and peeks of them as you stroll along the track, and you'll also come across lots of intriguing flora and fauna to photograph. Even a couple of snakes fighting caught my attention.

Elizabeth Beach Booti Booti National park

Elizabeth Beach

In the summer, Elizabeth Beach is the only beach patrolled in the Booti Booti National Park. Other beaches include Boomerang Beach, Blueys Beach, Seven Mile Beach, and Shelly Beach.

Shelly Beach

You could also have time to complete the Shelly Beach walking route back to Elizabeth Beach. Compared to the last trek, this track was much simpler to manage. A nude beach is to be noted at Shelly Beach (unofficially). I had the impression of being on a tropical island when taking the photographs for this post because it was such a tranquil day. I went up some of the rocks because there were fishermen there and saw schools of mullet moving up the shore as I was there.

Booti Booti national park


The Ruins campground is ideal for almost everyone, from hardy campers to laid-back caravaners. There are picnic tables, barbecues, hot showers, and drinking water in this lovely environment, surrounded by cabbage tree palms and paperbarks.

Swimming is either the beach or a safe lake is only a short distance away. Beautiful beach and whale watching are available at Seven Mile Beach in the winter. Wallis Lake is ideal for unwinding under a tree or launching a kayak for a quick afternoon paddle.

The Ruins campground is just a short drive from cafes in Pacific Palms.

Smiths Lake NSW Sunset

Just before twilight, I had time to snap a few pictures before returning to Forster along The Lakes Way. There are always chances to take pictures, so I pulled over to capture my last shot of the day of Smiths Lake.

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