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Creating A Jungle-Themed Home

creating a jungle-themed home

Chances are you found this post because you are a lover a nature and jungle-themed decor. When we think of jungle decor we most likely imagine lots of bright greens and foliage, however a jungle theme can be made with neutrals and natural materials. A more minimalistic look but effective and tranquil. Read on for some ideas for making your space more jungle-like.

Plants for making home look jungle-like


Plants abound in my apartment, bringing nature within. Start with the following plants:

  • Philodendron split leaf

  • Peace Lily

  • Rubber Tree

  • Pothos

  • Spider Plant

All of these plants, especially Pothos, thrive in low-light conditions. As a result, light is required for plants to thrive. Ensure that they receive at least a couple of hours of sunlight each day. Unless they are in direct sunlight, plants near a window will grow.

One of the most effective ways to transform your space into an urban jungle and display your plants is to instal wall shelves. Plants can be displayed on natural wood shelves or shelves that fit nicely with the wall. You can even create a room for propagating plants in water jars, which will contribute to the jungle impression while also saving you money.

Although I am not a fan of artificial plants, if you don't have access to natural light or are not a gardener, you can purchase artificial plants that appear realistic and will suffice.

print cushions for a jungle look home

Florals and prints

The use of prints on pillows and throws will create a jungle or tropics atmosphere. You can create a jungle motif in your home without spending a fortune by integrating flora and fauna into your home. Adding colourful cushions to your sofas, chairs, and beds is the simplest way to do this.

Utilise natural resources

Natural materials provide a cosy and natural look to your home. You can utilise rattan, bamboo, bark, and leaves like palm and banana as furniture. Natural materials work well to create a jungle sense into the home because they are defined by nature.

making your home look jungle


For people of all ages, a jungle or safari bedroom is a popular choice. A new baby's attention can be piqued by colourful parrots and brilliant critters. Bold animal prints, stately elephants, toucans, and graceful jungle cats appeal to older children. Parents have numerous alternatives when it comes to constructing a jungle-themed bedroom or nursery for their children. For older children, there are wallpaper options with colourful cartoon animals or jungle patterns, as well as actual wildlife pictures.

safari bedroom

Your bedroom should represent your desire to feel like you're in the jungle. Bamboo bed frames are available in a range of styles to meet your specific requirements. Bamboo curtains with bamboo slats or vertical blinds are a great way to incorporate jungle themes into your home.

Utilise Limited Spaces

Make the most of an empty windowsill or a small wall by turning them into accent pieces that will brighten up any environment. Small succulents on the windowsill will provide a splash of colour to the kitchen and make the whole house feel more alive. A plant wall is another excellent way to improve the atmosphere. To create a jungle décor and natural look, the plants can be hung or placed on shelves.

succulents on windowsill


Decorate your jungle hideaway with authentic African wall hangings, masks, and the like. For a complete immersion in the concept, consider adding jungle-themed wallpaper or murals. A cascading waterfall on one wall; a secluded valley with wild animals swimming or drinking in a river on another; and a dense wall of banana trees and other flora on a third wall. You may easily create your own jungle with peel-and-stick wallpaper and murals. Use an exotic bird stick-on for enhanced effect.

macramé wall art


Ambience is enhanced by certain believable accents, such as bamboo lampshades. You might also include statues and unusual items, such as this crocodile in my living room.

how to make a home look jungle design


A set of jungle-themed mugs and plates is a great way to make your home feel more exotic.

Area for Yoga and Meditation

Finally, if you have the space, creating a tranquil jungle-themed yoga and meditation area is ideal for when you need to unwind.

home yoga studio ideas


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