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Easy Beauty Alternatives to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

natural bathroom accessories

We frequently believe that the solution to the ongoing issue of environmental waste pollution is to minimise, reuse, and recycle plastic. However, there are easy things that we can do in addition to assisting us in reducing our carbon impact. Taking these straightforward measures can help even when it comes to beauty care. One small action can make a big difference. Imagine if every person on this planet implemented a few minor changes in their lifestyle to help reduce waste.

Use a makeup eraser rather than makeup removal wipes.

Replace your makeup removal wipes with a washable makeup eraser cloth that you can reuse. It's terrible when makeup removal wipes cause damage to land and water because, like baby wipes, the material is hard to decompose organically.

Instead of sheet masks, use cream masks.

Sheet masks are for single usage only and can be challenging to decompose organically, much like makeup removal wipes. Additionally, it typically comes packaged in plastic. You could also consider making your own as follows:

home made face mask treatment

  1. Mix ½ a ripe avocado (mashed), 1 tsp. raw honey, and 1 tsp. plain full-fat yogurt.

  2. To soothe sensitive or irritated skin. Start by making green tea as concentrated as you can with the least amount of water. Then combine equal parts tea and honey together with a squeeze of lemon. Before washing with warm water, apply the mixture to your face and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes.

  3. For a fabulous skin hydration treatment, mix equal parts fresh aloe and honey; it's that easy! Leave on your face for 20 to 30 minutes and feel the life coming back to your skin. Fresh Aloe plants are fantastic in the garden or indoors to treat sunburn as they soothe the skin.

Natural nails rather than imitation nails.

Artificial nails, are comprised of acrylic plastic, add to the issue of microplastics affecting our environment. Having natural nails or having a manicure is both hygienic and calming. It has a very natural and eye-pleasing appearance.

Instead of retractable eyeliner, use a pencil.

Compared to retractable eyeliner, the traditional pencil eyeliner has a wooden body. Plastic makes up the bodies of retractable eyeliner pencils, which are challenging to recycle. The same rule would apply to brow pencils. In addition, concealers in pencil form would be preferable to those in tubes or containers made of plastic.

Paper stemmed cotton buds are used in place of plastic stems.

Cotton bud plastic is not recyclable, which could add to the global microplastic problem. A tiny plastic stick could seriously hurt them if they venture into the wild.

wooden toothbrush

Instead of using a plastic toothbrush, use one made of wood or bamboo.

Wood decomposes more quickly in nature than plastic. Ultimately, toothbrushes are changed frequently after 3–4 months of use.

Use safety razors rather than disposable ones.

In contrast to disposable razors with plastic bodies, safety razors are entirely metal devices that are both dated and practical. An electric shaver would be best for long-lasting, frequent use if you don't know how to use a safety razor. It would also be good to use cold wax and epilators.

These are simple changes that we can all make to help keep our beautiful planet healthy and for our future generations.
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