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How to Live a More Simple Life? 5 Realistic Things You Can Do

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It is easy to fall prey to stress and dissatisfaction in today’s materialistic world. Everything has been created to be highly addictive and unhealthy, from the devices we use to the goods that are marketed to us. One of the best ways to ease life in such difficult circumstances is to learn how to live a simpler life.

A simple life can free us from the unnecessary complications that modernity has brought into our lives.

Before you begin infusing simplicity into your life, you must first understand what makes a simple life so appealing.

Why Is Simple Living So Charming?

The key to simple living is discovering the beauty within your means.

Don't be afraid to let simplicity serve as your inner compass.

While the capitalist world pushes consumerism and encourages us to want more, simple living allows us to find happiness in whatever we have. Simply put, a life of simplicity puts us in charge of our own happiness and health.

When you can embed simplicity within your life, you can find yourself free from the toxicity the world throws at you.

When you think about it, there is something wrong with the way people live their lives nowadays. Globally, there is more dissatisfaction, more stress, and a concerning rise in mental health burden. Consider how more than 970 million people are thought to be suffering from mental health or substance use disorders.

Here are a few things you can do to lead a simpler life:

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1. Declutter Your Living Space

Decluttering can help you bust stress, relieve anxiety and feel more emotionally fulfilled.

Cleaning is an under-appreciated task that can help you gain mastery over your surroundings. When you're trying to simplify your life, it helps to get rid of extra stuff. If you have things that you don’t use, why keep them around?

It is likely that you will be stressed, distracted, and less productive if your living space is disorganised and you hoard a large number of items you never use. Not only is clutter distracting, but it also serves as a demoralising reminder of unfinished tasks.

The wisdom behind decluttering is also backed by research. In fact, scientists link an extra hour of cleaning per week to a 53% increase in happiness over the average.

2. Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism teaches you how to control your desire to consume and reclaim control over your happiness.

Minimalism is a philosophy that allows you to intentionally live with things that you truly value. Even at home, our world instills a sense of hurriedness that makes it difficult to unwind. We are too hurried, stressed, and unhappy than we should be. We’re always grappling with the need to earn, possess, or chase after something out of our reach.

The idea of minimalism encourages us to evaluate our possessions and only keep or acquire those that are truly important.

With minimalism, we can slow down the hectic pace of the world and concentrate on enjoying a simple life. It frees us from the negative effects of hustle culture and gives us a sense of purpose. Minimalism dispels the notion that happiness requires material possessions.

A study found that volunteering to lead a simpler life can improve wellbeing, so adopting minimalism makes sense.

3. Build a Debt-Free Lifestyle

A debt-free lifestyle prevents you from spending money that you do not have.

Many people get into financial trouble because they want things that they simply can't afford. You'll be well on your way to debt-free living after decluttering and embracing minimalism. Decluttering will help you determine what you really need, and adopting a minimalist lifestyle will give you the confidence to buy fewer things.


Debt has been linked to depression, anxiety, stress, and even suicidal thoughts, which is not surprising. Debt makes you feel like someone is always watching you and that you owe something to someone. It isn’t nice to be mentally enslaved to a supposed source of financial empowerment. Getting out of debt will make you feel free and give you hope for the future.

You can abandon the complexities of debt and embrace the simplicity of living within your own means.

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4. Prioritise Sustainability

Sustainable practices lead to less pollution, lower energy consumption, and a more secure future for humanity.

Sustainable practices benefit not only the present generation but also future generations. As you know, climate change has severe repercussions. In light of the grave dangers posed by unsustainable practices, why not do what you can to help save the world?

You can introduce sustainable habits to your life by:

  • Use reusable bags when you go for groceries

  • Store food in reusable containers

  • Get a metal straw

  • Swap out your paper business card for a virtual one.

  • Introduce plants in your surroundings

When you know you are living in a way that is good for the environment, you will realise how important living simply is.

5. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness allows you to tune out distractions, improve your concentration, and feel better.

Living with simplicity is an art, and mindfulness is the paintbrush. Mindfulness can help you see how much you truly value other people, experiences, and things. After gaining such awareness, it becomes difficult to live in a way that doesn’t align with your inner value system.

In today's chaotic and distracting world, mindfulness helps you regain the concentration necessary to lead a fulfilling life.

After going through mindfulness exercises, you will be able to:

  • Live in the moment.

  • Find a greater self-acceptance.

  • Direct your thinking in the direction you desire.

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Basically, you will be able to direct your thoughts toward simplicity and away from the messiness of the world. You’ll experience emotional fulfilment and mental strength as a result. Research backs this up and shows that long-term meditation makes people more resilient to stress.

Final Takeaway

Choosing to live a simple life is a powerful decision that can free you from the chaos of the world. After all, our world has not been designed to promote our wellbeing but has rather been designed to drain our energy and resources. With simplicity you can enhance your wellbeing and live a more meaningful life.

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