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The Grandis Picnic Area and Tallest Tree in NSW

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

The Grandis, Tallest Tree ini NSW

The Grandis picnic area nestled amongst the dense lush rainforest on the western edge of Myall Lakes National Park, is one of the most attractive picnic sites on the Mid North Coast. This picnic site is barely 75 metres from The Grandis, NSW's tallest known tree, and is located immediately off the Pacific Highway north of Bulahdelah.

You'll see a sign pointing to the Grandis picnic area as you drive down the Lakes Way. Because it also goes to a house, it can be a little confusing, so keep going right. The route is a dirt road, although it does not require four-wheel drive to traverse the 5 kilometres. Take a break along the journey to listen to the birds and inhale the scents of the jungle. When you come across thick shrub and palm trees, you'll know it's time to halt.

The grands now

There are a few picnic tables near the Grandis where you can have your lunch. There is also a toilet in the area (but don't stare down into it when you lift the lid). It's clean and well-maintained, but it's in the middle of nowhere, so it doesn't flush. The Grandis is reached via a 75-meter boardwalk that is handicap accessible. As you approach the tallest tree in NSW, the size of the trunk gives you a sense that you are about to experience something spectacular. And you'll be able to see it because this spectacular flooded gum stands over 70 metres tall.

The Grandis

The Grandis is a lovely destination to visit and enjoy the best of nature. The only sounds you'll hear are birds and leaves rustling.

Cellito Beach

Cellito Beach NSW

When you're ready to leave this peaceful spot and head to Forster, make a pit break at Cellito Beach. Through gorgeous Australian wilderness, follow a gravel road out to the beach. When you come to a fork in the road, turn left towards the golf course and continue until you reach the carpark. After that, a 400-meter boardwalk through the Littoral Rainforest will lead you to the beach. Keep an eye out for birds and marvel at the diverse array of local plants.

Cellito Beach Boardwalk

When the tide is out, you may explore the magnificent rock pools for shells and sea life like starfish, or trek up the hill to the left of the beach to watch the waves slamming against the cliffs.

The waves at Cellito Beach are not patrolled, and they can be dangerous. Rips will be present, as they are at all beaches, so be cautious and don't be tricked into a false sense of security if the beach appears calm on your visit.

Cellito Beach is surrounded by lush vegetation where you may go hiking.


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