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Enjoying Nature


The articles on this page are written to inspire you to travel with nature and the environment in mind. Why is the title called Travel Smarter? Because immersing yourself in nature is a much smarter and healthier way to travel. 

The joy of discovering something novel—or, at the absolute least, something that only a small percentage of people have really seen—is what nature tourism delivers.

There is nothing more beautiful than nature, despite the fact that larger cities may have spectacular skylines. A huge red rock canyon, a golden beach vista at sunrise, or an alpine meadow in full bloom are all breathtaking sights.

The fact that nature is living, powerful, and constantly changing may be what makes it so alluring. The way a glacier sculpts valleys and breaks through rock is magnificent. Even in the depths of winter, rejuvenation is happening beneath the earth's surface.

Most outdoor excursions require some level of physical condition. A multi-day trip is a vacation that doubles as workout. While on vacation at the cabin, you might go kayaking on a local freshwater lake or ride your mountain bike for a while.

A beach vacation might be an exception to this tendency, but even then it's simple to add some exercise by choosing to snorkel, scuba dive, surf, or paddleboard.

Even though incorporating physical activity into your vacation can be challenging at times, what better method is there to keep in shape than to travel and take in the scenery?

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