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Urban Garden


Being a bit self-sufficient doesn't require having a large land; even little spaces can grow food. I have a citrus tree and a lot of herbs and vegetables, and I reside in an apartment. I gather my seeds as well, and I do consider myself to be an urban farmer. 


Here are some urban farming ideas you may implement as well.

Starting an indoor garden for food in your apartment isn't that hard. Firstly consider the soil type, the amount of sunlight, and the space available before planting. New or novice gardeners may give up after one unsuccessful attempt, but the key is to keep trying until you succeed. So, we've put together some articles to start growing your food in a city but in a nutshell: 

Vertical Farming

If there is any green space accessible at all in the centre of the city, it is expensive. However, the rooftops of apartment complexes and skyscrapers constitute a significantly underutilised resource. Raised beds, greenhouses, or even keeping chickens on rooftops are all potential solutions. Everything depends on the use of space that the strata are satisfied with and the legislation in your area.


Most people don't immediately think of mushrooms as a crop. But they are a fantastic option for urban gardening and good for you!


Microgreens are the young, often days to weeks old, vegetable sprouts that are collected. Almost any vegetable can be produced as a microgreen, but some of the more well-liked ones are sunflowers, pea shoots, and radishes.


Read the articles below to get inspired to be an urban farmer. 

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